Public Relations in Brazil

2014 is approaching, the year that one of the biggest worldwide sport events will be happening in Brazil, and the curiosity of foreign companies with that country has been growing. The region that once was best known for its parties, festivals and soccer is now one of the most promising countries of BRICs. Now, thinking about

Public Relations it’s important to analyze which strategies companies should use when advancing to Brazil. Brazil is the biggest country in South America, with a population of 194 millionhabitants, making it the 7th largest economy in the world. A factor that stands out about the development of the country is the fast-growing middle-class that integrates a strong consumer market that has a grown over 64% in the last 8 years. Foreign direct investments in the country totaled USD 59.893 billion, despite the global crisis environment; companies continue betting on the potential of the country and investing.

For companies who wish to make business in Brazil and communicate with the Brazilian audience, it is crucial to engage with a communications agency who understands the country’s market. Only those who know the peculiarities of each region, be they linguistic or cultural, and who already have open contact channels with the press there, are able to assist foreign companies in this enterprise.

Public relations, as the name suggests, is all about creating relationship, what requires a particular set of training and skills, but the most important the PR professionals must build their approach with regional differences in mind. Journalists in São Paulo, Brazil, may prefer different types of content and treatment than journalists from New York, London or Paris. Simple understanding of culture may change everything in a Public Relations Plan. There are no manuals where we can find the know-how of advancing into Brazil with a strong and well-connected brand. The experience will give the sensitivity and perception of the Brazilian Media, to judge each situation and interaction, responding with the appropriate action. This should be integrated with the knowledge of Brazilian media, great contacts and a comprehensive communications plan and aligned with the interests and strategy of the company.


How PR helps Brand Building

With internet, social media and new platforms of interaction the public is not the same. Communicate a brand, products, services and ideas have gained new challenges from the moment that now there’s two ways of communicating. The companies send the messages from their products and brands and now the public can respond to it. This can be amazing or bad, for those who don’t grab the opportunity, for the image of a brand.

Looking up to the market these days is noticed that brands are more important than ever. Brands talk straight to the public’s psychology, their desires, plans and opinions. Products and services may have a short life cycle, but not brands and the consumer can be faithful for years if the right strategies are used.

The bottom line for a brand with a strong image it’s a good relationship with the stakeholders. The target audience, partners, press and company itself. For this we have Public Relations (PR). PR is the primary strategy and facilitator of stakeholder engagement; it’s brief to be concerned about both the organization and its stakeholders – their knowledge, opinions and behavior.

There is many ways in which PR can help for brand building, to a positive brand impression, like events, placement of positive stories about a brand in editorial media, online social media, newsletter, etc. The most used are media and social media. Positive positioning at the media, consumers will have more reasons to relate with the company’s brand, more than just the product and social media, the best platform to understand and having a direct contact with the consumers opinions and desires.

The consumers don’t want to be sold, they want to be told. In this century they have many tools to help them to find the information before buying decision. Now, more than ever, brands better be prepared, with the help of PR that, in many ways, is essential to the effective brand building.


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