Social Media and Relationship Marketing: The perfect opportunity to achieve Customer Retention

People and Social Media are inseparable. Smart phone sales increase along with the advent of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Platforms have grown beyond personal social networking and has become a must for brands and companies to adopt more collaborative and social communication channels to buildcustomer relationships.

Relationship Marketing is a form of marketing that aims to actively build relationshipbetween the company and its customers, thus achieving customer satisfaction. Why is social media the perfect opportunity to achieve best results in Relationship Marketing?

It is simple and perfect.. If used correctly. Companies need to use Social Media for Relationship Marketing as opposed to a broadcasting platform. Here is an opportunity to establish a communication channel with your customers, to interact and understand how they perceive your brand, their interests and preferences, likes, dislikes and what exactly is the formula for a “a happy satisfied customer”.

A well thought social media strategy is important.

1. Take the responsibility to talk to your client yourself. Don’t wait them to come to you instead. Start the conversation. Say “hi”.

2. Know your customers and their preferences before you start publishing.

3. Think beyond intrusive advertising and instead create content that would encourage the customer to initiate dialogue

4. When you have a chance, ask what you can do to facilitate and improve customer service or your product.

5. Make your client a VIP. Provide them activities and resources they will only find in your company.

6. Don’t just keep posting. But listen and interact. More often we see companies posting content and not spending dedicated time for customer engagement on social media platforms

7. You need to understand your customer, not just through your own channel, but through related communities and channels on social media space. Monitoring and following discussions and engaging with costumers and an excellent opportunity for customer acquisition.

Care about the satisfaction of your client in the same way you care about the quality of your product. Give importance to Relationship Marketing, with a clear and dedicated social media strategy and you will have a new competitive advantage.



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