India and the South American Markets

Looking at the last few years in the Indian Technology market, especially in the SaaS space, there is a Cloud Boom. The emergence of  startups with Cloud Based technologies are having a signification impact on the industry and the Market of Cloud Computing is expected to grow by 16$ billion by 2020 in just India.

As companies now look at targeting the global market, USA is definitely the first territory that any company would focus on. But now more and more companies are looking towards other markets and especially the South American Market. Not only technology companies, but even pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have started recognizing the importance of  the South American Market.

It would be a strategic loss for any company which has a global scope to ignore the South American consumer when it comes to their Marketing and Branding plans. South America requires a more focussed and customized plan and hence the need for marketing and PR services that are specialized in the particular Market.

At Envizon Boutique Services for South America, we aim to help the brands to position themselves in the press and increase their relationship with the consumers across South America. We focus solely on South America and help companies in India reach out to a market which is diverse in language as well as approach. With experience in marketing and PR for technology companies in South America, and a team comprising of South Americans and Indians we help the companies based out of India with Public Relations and Online Marketing to reach across to the South American consumer.


 Maansi Sanghi



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